Persian rug Bakhtiar 320x210 - # 117

Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117Los colores de la alfombra se percibirán de formas diferentes dependiendo del ángulo de visión.
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117
Alfombra Persa Bakhtiar 320x210 - #117

Persian rug Bakhtiar 320x210 - # 117

320x210 cm single knotted by hand Ref. # 117 Number of knots approx 200 000 per m² Origin Persia / Iran Hair Wool Warp Cotton Manufacture Hand knotted
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Discount -2548,99 €
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Also known as Baktiar, Bachtiar, Bakthiari, Bakthiyar, Baktjar

Bakhtiar carpets are one of the most popular Persian carpets of nomads. With their beautiful design elements inspired by the environment, these rugs are available in a variety of different drawings. The classic garden drawing is often found in these durable oriental rugs made with high quality wool from the animals of the craftsmen who make the carpets.

Information about the Bakhtiar Sherkat Farsh carpet from Persia / Iran.

Bakhtiar rugs are famous for their decoration of different motifs of garden scenes arranged in squares. They are very resistant carpets that are also made with medallion-shaped motifs. The wool used is among the best in Persia, since it is a very high area, which produces a denser and satin wool. These beautiful carpets are often the object of collection of Persian carpets.

In the mountains of Zagros , west of the city of Isfahan near the city of Shahr-e-Kurd, reside the Bakhtiar nomads . Most of them speak a Persian dialect or Lori, while others who live in the province of Juzestán speak Arabic. Bakhtiar men wear wide pants, round-shaped hat and short tunic. This clothing has its origin in the dynasty of the kings of the kings (Arsacid Dynasty of Partia 200 BC-200 AD). Traditionally Bakhtiar nomadic chiefs (khans) have held very powerful positions in Persian society. In the Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari region, an extensive area of carpet production employs nomadic villagers from diverse backgrounds.

The carpets are sold under the common name Bakhtiar (also Baktiar, Bachtiar and Bakhtiari), sometimes with the indication of the locality: Boldaji , Feridan or Saman . The carpets are made of quality wool and are hit very hard, which makes them thick and solid, which is why they are considered one of the most durable Persian carpets. A well-known motif is the Khesti (garden), where the carpet is divided into squares with plants and animals that symbolizes the Persian garden. Medallion motifs or tree depictions are common in Isfahan carpets .

The best Bakhtiari rugs whose knot density is the highest are sometimes called Bibibaf .


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